Monday, October 10, 2011


I had my last chemo 2 weeks's nice to feel normal for a change and not to worry about feeling cruddy due to the chemo again :)  This is the first Monday that I haven't dreaded in a long time!!!  We met with the radiation oncologist last week and he did recommend radiation.  However, my labs were too low for him to let me start.  So I took Neupogen shots for 3 days to bring my white count up.  Unfortunately 3 shots wasn't enough cause my lab work on Friday still wasn't good enough.  So I got 3 more shots over the weekend and luckily today my labs were better.  So I got the call a couple hours ago that I get to start tomorrow. I'm glad it worked, the Neupogen shots make your bones ache so I really wasn't fond of the idea that I would need to have more!!   I'm excited and nervous at the same time.  I'm ready to get this done so I can move on with life!  I have to have 17 treatments but I go everyday Mon-Fri so hopefully by the middle of November I'll be done with it all. They say I shouldn't struggle with being sick during the radiation; just tired and maybe a sore throat and difficulty swallowing.  I'm pretty sure I can handle that....we'll see how bad it really is though cause I'm sure like anything else it's different for everyone.  I've been told it's nothing compared to chemo so I'm optimistic!   The plan is to do the 17 treatments, have another PET scan then meet with Dr. O'Dea again.  I hope at that time I'll be in remission and I can just do regular check ups.....keep praying, it's working!!!