Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chemo #1

I had my first chemo yesterday, it was a long day.  Had to be there by 9:15 to meet with my patient financial representative then met with Dr. O'Dea before starting my chemo infusion.

Dr. O'Dea has officially staged me as Stage II A Hodgkins Lymphoma.  This means the mass is in 2 area, my neck and then a spot in my chest by my mediastinum.  A is the subcategory meaning I've no other symptoms so it's much more favorable prognosis than B. 

I had to watch a pre-treatment video, then they pre-medicated me with anti-nausea meds and some stuff to help me relax.  Then came the Bleomycin trial to make sure I didn't have a reaction.  Then we started the actual medication.  I slept a little, watched a little tv, JR and my sister-in-law brought me lunch and I was able to eat.  Fininished the treatment up and came on home.  I really feel good....a little queasy this morning but not bad.

They do expect me to lose my hair within a couple weeks so we picked out a wig and got some CUTE hats!  Not sure what I'll do when the time comes but at least I've got some options to fall back on.

Once again thank you for all the thoughts and prayers and the numerous offers to help.  We're so blessed to have such an awesome group of friends and family and tight knit community to come together at times like this.

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  1. {{{Jamie}}} I'm so proud of you and how you're handling all this. When it comes to a diagnosis, that sounds pretty good (in terms of kicking it to the curb!!). Hang in there and stay strong! You're always in my thoughts and prayers. You're going to beat this and in a short while it'll all be 'history' for you and your family. Love ya!!