Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I'm so sorry I haven't updated in awhile.  Guess I thought nobody was following here but I was wrong!! 

Last time I updated I thought my last chemo was scheduled for August 1st....I was SO ready to be done.
Unfortunately we misunderstood what the doctor meant by 4 cycles...1 cycle is equal to 2 treatments therefore 8 total sessions of chemo.  Make sense?? It was a HUGE disappointment when we thought I was done only to find out I was only halfway there!!!  Now I've completed 7 chemos and my last one is scheduled for Monday!!!  I had my PET scan and praise Jesus it came back with no evidence of lymphoma!  They still made me finish my 4 cycles due to studies showing that people who complete that minimum have lower rates of relapse.  And I'll still have a PET scan after Monday's session to recheck.  Each round has still been very different.  I still struggle with headaches and nausea but for the most part I push through and by Friday after my session I feel better.  My labs have all been stable, low but stable.  They still monitor them but have said they won't delay chemo due to that alone.  I'm on several medications to keep myself from getting viruses or infections.  Funny how one can go from not even taking a multi-vitamin to having a baggie full of medicine!!  I struggle with the fear that I'll relapse.....I suppose that's something I'll always deal with.  I hate living in fear but the thought of having to relive this all over makes me absolutely sick to my stomach.   I have a new respect for those that have battled cancer, it's truly something that you cannot understand unless you've experienced it. 

I'm so incredibly fortunate for the amount of support shown to me throughout this ordeal.  My sister in law and cousin have gone together to design a "Fighting for Jamie" shirts with the proceeds going to us to help with expenses.  Another friend designs bottle cap pins/bows/magnets and has done the same.  Along with the meals, help with kids, and prayers I'm overwhelmed by how much love has been shown to us.  And my family.....I can't say enough as to how lucky I am to have them. 

I'll update soon.....thanks for checking ;)

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